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Neurodiversity Celebration Week

We celebrated neurodiversity this week in St. Kevin’s
Neurodiversity Celebration Week

This week was Neurodiversity Celebration Week for students and staff of St.Kevin’s Community College. The aim of the week was to raise awareness and spread the message of kindness. We focused in particular on the strengths and opportunities created by our differences. All week our noticeboards and information screens displayed positive messages of inclusivity.

On Monday, all students received an information seminar on Neurodiversity that explored:

What is Neurodiversity?

Do some differences have a name?

What is Neurodiversity Celebration Week?

What can you do to help?

This seminar lead to lots of rich classroom conversations, where students shared their personal experiences of learning and engaged in meaningful conversations around safe learning spaces. Students also shared things that irritate their senses. It’s important to realise that we all have things that irritate our senses. But for some, these irritations can ruin their day. We displayed these on the blue wall in the canteen, which made for interesting reading during the week.

Tuesday saw the closing date of our school competition. Well done to all the students who entered a wide array of traditionally and digitally rendered images, along with some jewellery and delicious baked goods in the shape of the infinity symbol, the symbol for Neurodivergence. Special mention to our competition winners Shane Hourigan, Finn Smith, Riona Flynn and Emily Molloy. Thanks also to our competition entrants who participated in our drone photograph.

Later in the week, we watched a short video, Amazing Things Happen - by Alexander Amelines. Once again, the aim was to inspire our school to be aware, tolerant and kind. Almost 70 students participated in a fact-finding treasure hunt at lunchtime on Thursday. Well done to Anna May Brien, Ellen O’Grady, Chloe Donoghue, Jamie Brophy and Grace Keogh who won Easter eggs in the treasure hunt! Huge thanks also to all students who carried out the Sensory Audit of our classrooms and school as a whole. This audit helped to identify the importance of being aware of our surroundings. In particular, it helped us to identify opportunities to create a more positive learning environment for all learners.

Overall, Neurodiversity Celebration Week gave us all a chance to acknowledge differences and appreciate the opportunities and strengths associated with neurodivergence. Thanks to all of the teachers on the team who planned the week, all teachers and staff who facilitated events and activities and last, but not least, the students, who were willful and active participants throughout. Well done to all.

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